About Interior Supply

Your needs are our top priority

Since our inception in 1988, Interior Supply has been committed to a service-first philosophy when helping contractors, architects and designers meet their building material needs. During that time, we’ve raised the bar in a number of areas, from creating bids and purchase orders to delivering products and materials in a quick and timely manner. Through it all, we continue to ensure that the needs of our customers remain the number-one priority.

As part of our service-first policy, we embrace a two-part system that combines our expert sales team with top-notch logistics professionals. These individuals work together to demonstrate our ongoing commitment both to our customers and to the manufacturers we represent. Every one of our 11 locations is equipped with an extensive fleet to ensure on-time product delivery. Thanks to multiple locations throughout Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and Indiana, we strive to maintain a 95 percent delivery rate within two business days.

Quality service is always top of mind at Interior Supply, and it’s the driving force behind our continued success. At the same time, we are proud to represent some of the top manufacturers in the industry, such as Armstrong, Owens Corning, Dryvit and National Gypsum, to name a few. Our commitment to working with these successful companies – coupled with a desire to always put our customers first – makes it possible to grow long-time relationships and attract new customers.

About Interior Supply

“Our philosophy at Interior Supply has always been one that ensures that our clients, our manufacturers, and our team have what they need to succeed – and it makes for a winning equation. And no matter where you fit into that equation, you know that Interior Supply is there for you. It makes working with us a better experience.”

Bob Pickard, President

Our Products

The products you need — when and where you need them

At Interior Supply, we value our customer relationships. That’s why we’ve extended our role from material supplier to trusted business partner. Think of us as a team of experts who can help you make the right decisions when it comes to selecting building products and construction materials. Because our sales staff has been through extensive training on each of our product lines, they know what works best for your particular situation. We’re also committed to stocking our warehouses with product lines from the leading manufacturers, along with a wide selection of specialty products capable of adding just the right architectural flair.

Our vendors

Building products and construction materials from top manufacturers