An Authorized Distributor oF TURF.

Brilliant Wall and Ceiling Systems from TURF

We are an authorized TURF distributor in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We offer TURF wall and ceiling systems that are not only visually amazing, they serve as a great source of noice reduction. If you want to learn more about how building products from TURF can meet the needs of the next building you are designing or constructing, give our knowledgable sales team a call today.

Working with Architects, Designers, and Contractors

Our statewide expert sales team works with architects, designers, and contractors to help them find the right fit for their design or project. If you need to learn more about the specific benefits of TURF products, contact your local Interior Supply office and set up a meeting. We’ll help educate your about the products — from LEED credits, to ease of installation, to design aesthetics — so that you can make the best choice for your project.


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