Specialty Products

Specialty Products

When Only Something Special Will Do


We provide a wide variety of specialty products, including architectural components, impact protection products and lighting diffusers in our locations.

Specialty products are a way to enhance the design of your space, creating a specific Aesthetic or ensuring the environment tells the story you want your space to share. Our Architectural Specialties Team can help you find the correct product or solution to enhance your space without compromising the structure’s durability or integrity. With products for ceiling and wall systems, column covers and several others, Interior Supply Inc. has the ability to provide the products you need for any design space.

Our Team will read the specifications from the design firm or architect, evaluate the scope and provide options for your project. Working alongside you to ensure that all your needs are met, from a cohesive flow through the building to warming up your lobby, we have the knowledge and eye for detail that will ensure your project is a success.

Specialty products aren’t always for design aesthetics, sometimes they are necessary for the space to aid in sound absorption or impact resistance. Let us help you find the solutions for your space.

Enhancing design or creating an environment is the main goal of Architectural Specialty Products. Typically found in offices or lobby areas, having the correct environment ensures the right message is conveyed. A hotel lobby is meant to be welcoming and home-like while your office lobby might be welcoming but professional. A Restaurant with Private dining setting will need to have a different aesthetic than a Children’s hospital. Each job and solution is unique and original. Let our AS Team help you create your unique space.